Even though we seek to keep our prices on resources as low as possible, we understand that sometimes others simply cannot afford to pay for the resources we provide through our online store. For that reason we have a "whatever-you-can-afford" policy for most of our materials. We will accept whatever people are able to pay—even if  that means nothing. In this way a lack of available funds will not need to prevent anyone from hearing the Gospel of Jesus or obtaining a resource that may help encourage them in their faith.

If you would like a resource from Ten-Four Ministries, but you just cannot afford it, please just request the resource from us.  The easiest way to request the resource is to select what you would like in our store and when you check out select "pay by check" and tell us in the comment section that you would like the "Whatever You Can Afford Policy."   You can also contact us by e-mail or mail and let us know what you would like.  It is our humble honor to fulfill the request.

We do ask  that you  limit your order to $20 and under. If in the future, you are blessed with funds, you could prayerfully consider helping us continue this policy for others.  Although you are under no obligation to give us anything, at anytime.

In addition, we offer free monthly resources to our newsletter subscribers.  We highly encourage you to sign up for our e-newsletter.

Why has Ten-Four Ministries decided to implement this policy?

First and foremost, we believe that God has enabled us to do this.  It is through the faithful giving of His people that we can provide free resources to others.  It is also important for us to do this in particular because of who we have been tasked to reach.  Many in law enforcement continue to work in horrid conditions with a very low pay wage.  We absolutely do not want money to get in the way of obtaining our resources.

The law enforcement profession, in particular is suspect of any type of organization involved in Christianity.  This comes from the sin of men that have used Christianity as a means to abuse law enforcement throughout our nation.  Many law enforcement personnel have not only arrested leaders from Christian organizations but they have listened to pastors use their pulpits to rant about police misconduct, etc.  Due to this history, we often encounter a bitterness towards our efforts to reach the profession.

We want each of you to know that we are not here to use you or abuse you.  We simply want to tell you about Jesus Christ.  With this Ministry, It is all about Jesus.
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March 2012
Missions Trip:  Phillippine National Police

April 15, 2012
Guest Preaching:  Calvary Baptist Church