10-4 Ministries Director Travis    Yates & His Family.

Ten-Four Ministries was founded in 2002 by Los Angeles County Deputy Tony Miano (Ret.) as a means to provide practical and spiritual support to the Law Enforcement Community.  Ten-Four Ministries quickly became a leading ministry for the first responder community.  Serving in the role as a reserve deputy and chaplain for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Tony brought real life experiences to the Ministry.

In 2005, Chaplain Miano authored the book Take Up The Shield.  The unique publication compared the various pieces of law enforcement equipment to the spiritual armor that the Bible describes in Ephesians Chapter 6.  Take Up The Shield has become the signature book for the ministry and used across the World to bring the Gospel to the first responder community.  In 2007, the Take Up The Shield Project was formed, which has given the book to over 10,000 law enforcement officers.

On January 1, 2008, Chaplain Miano resigned as the Director of Ten-Four Ministries to take a position with Living Waters Publications, a ministry based in Bellflower, California that encourages Christians to share their faith with others.  Tony serves as the Director of the Ambassadors' Academy, a Ministry of Living Waters which trains Christians in Evangelism.  Tony continue to serves as an Advisory Board Member to Ten-Four Ministries.

On January 1, 2008, Tulsa Police Captain Travis Yates took over as the Director of Ten-Four Ministries and continues to serve in that capacity today.  Through Travis' leadership, Ten-Four Ministries continues to support law enforcement officers across the world while bringing the Gospel to the first responder community. 

Through partnerships with the Ambassadors' Academy, The School of Biblical Evangelism and the Evangelism Team, Ten-Four Ministries is continuing to provide spiritual support to the law enforcement community.  We welcome your comments, suggestions and your prayers.

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March 2012
Missions Trip:  Phillippine National Police

April 15, 2012
Guest Preaching:  Calvary Baptist Church