"There Needs to be in the Missionary Endeavor a Holy Awe of God." Paul Washer

True Missions is Costly

Amy Carmichael explained that missions is no more and no less than an opportunity to die. We live in a fallen world that is at enmity with God and opposes His truth; therefore, missions and suffering go hand in hand. Any advancement of the kingdom of Christ into the dominion of the devil will be met with warfare. There are many countries and people groups where martyrdom cannot be avoided. Taking the Gospel to the world is a war. It is a war against flesh; a war against man; and a war against satan. We are committed to this war and understand the cost involved.

Ten-Four Ministries is committed to whatever it takes to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and part of that effort is coordinated trips within America or to other countries. We encourage you to visit our official Missions site at: www.warriormissions.org.

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March 2012
Missions Trip:  Phillippine National Police

April 15, 2012
Guest Preaching:  Calvary Baptist Church