Homemade Mosquito Trap Snopes Experts Suggested


Are your children complaining of severe mosquito bites? Even when you have tried the best of commercial mosquito repellents? Well, its time you took things in your own hand and tackled the mosquito fever. You can make homemade mosquito trap snopes, an online site so suggests. The experts at snopes answer peoples’ question regarding any urban myths. This includes a lot of information on insect repellents including mosquitoes.

Truths About Mosquitoes

It is true that mosquitoes increase in number if they are provided with suitable conditions for breeding such as stagnant water bodies, large, uncut bushes, crowded areas, etc. It is also true that only the female mosquito bites humans and you need not worry of being bitten by a male. Female mosquitoes require blood to initiate their egg laying process and hence, they are instinctively driven to take a chuck off your body. The carbon dioxide you exhale attracts female mosquitoes.


Some say that lemon flavored dish washing liquid or Listerine mouth wash can serve to be great mosquito repellent. Snopes proves that this is a myth.

Mosquito Traps Suggested By Snopes

Experts at snopes suggest that moisture attracts female mosquitoes, so keeping a bucket of water outside your home can temporarily save you from mosquitoes. Another solution is brewing a liquid containing sugar and setting up a trap for the mosquitoes.

Steps Involved In Setting The Trap

  1. Take a 200ml plastic bottle and cut it horizontally such that the incision lies just below the curve of the bottle.
  2. After cutting you must have one cylinder portion (lower portion) and an upper curved portion.
  3. Boil water in a cup and add about 4 spoons of brown sugar to it.
  4. Dissolve the sugar completely in the water.
  5. Add some cold water to the solution to make it lukewarm.
  6. Once the solution is comparatively cool add some yeast to it. The main idea behind this trap involves the fermentation of yeast. Yeast is fermented by the brown sugar and on fermentation releases carbon dioxide which attracts female mosquitoes.
  7. Fill the cylinder with this solution.
  8. Now, place the upper end of the bottle upside down over the cylinder, such that it can be pressed inside to fix it. Make sure the mouth of the upper part of the bottle is in line with the mouth of the lower cylinder. Press the upper curved portion such that you leave no gaps between the two mouths.
  9. This completes your trap.
  10. Now set the trap in a place that is most infected with mosquitoes. The mosquitoes will enter into the trap and will not be able to get out of the tiny mouth of the curved portion of the bottle.


The homemade mosquito trap snopes has suggested is one of the best natural ways of keeping mosquitoes away from your home.

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