Orchid Plants Are The Flowers Of Heaven

One of the most beautiful creations of mother nature are flowers. Flowers are loved by all. The colorful flowers can make you feel happy with their fragrance. Among the flowers the Orchids represent beauty. They are different from other flowers in their look and smell. There are many types of orchids available in the world.
Orchids are really intriguing, exotic, flamboyant and beautiful. The orchid is said to be the most privileged group of flowers on earth. It is believed that the Lilies belong to a nearby family of the orchid flowers. Orchids and Lilies have a number of similarities. Orchid plants are evergreen perennials and herbaceous. The orchid plants vary in size. They may be very small or very big.
Scientifically, the Kingdom of orchid plants is Planate, the order is Asparagales, the family, Orchidaceae and the genus is Orchis. As I have mentioned before there are many types of orchids. The most interest fact is that all the types of orchids are exotically beautiful The flowers are of different colors, size and smell. They may vary according to their growing seasons.
The most common type of orchids are Anguloa Orchids, Cattleya Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, Laelia Orchids, Dendrobium Orchids, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Paphiopedilum Orchids, Oncidium Orchids, Vanda Orchids, Epidendrum Orchids, Brassia Orchids, Bulbophyllum Orchids, Catasetum Orchids, Sophronitis Orchids, Miltonia Orchids and Phaius Orchids etc.
Different varieties of plants are found in different countries. Tropical countries like South America, Asia have a wide variety of orchids. Orchids also grow in colder regions like the Arctic and the Antarctic.
These flowers serve aesthetic purpose because of their beauty. They are also great gift items. Important ceremonies and occasions use orchids to further beautify the occasion.. Many people are involved with the cultivation of orchids nowadays.
Irrespective of what some critics have to say, orchids are the most remarkable flowers on the earth. They are taken as the synonym of beauty and politeness. The smell and vibrant colors of orchid flowers create an amazing environment into any party or celebration. Orchid flowers are also available now on the flower stores worldwide. As most of the people everywhere love these flowers, there is a big market for the orchid plants in every country. As there are many types of orchids, all types of orchids may not be available in all regions. You will however get some common varieties everywhere.You can choose any one of them according to your personal preference and budget. Make a bunch of these flowers and give it as a surprise gift. A bunch of the beautiful orchid flowers can be a great gift item. You will make your partner feel privileged with a bouquet of orchids. These flowers can also be grown in your garden. The look of your garden will change.! Gather more details on Orchid Plants and Types Of Orchids.

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